About Us

Manuel Riojas, director of Central Valley Truck Driving School.

The mission of Central Valley Truck Driving School is to provide employees with a superior level of knowledge through training that exceeds industry employers’ expectations.

Our goal is to provide a level of self-improvement education that will provide a you with a lifetime of employment opportunities. Logistics is ever-growing and always in need of professional drivers nationwide. Our training courses will provide you with the knowledge to become a skilled driver in a highly competitive industry. As a professional driver, you would become a vital part of the lifeline that transports products around the world. Our owners and instructors have been in the industry as successful drivers themselves. Our programs will give students the tools they need to perform safely and professionally in order to successfully operate a commercial vehicle.

Our Director: Manuel Riojas

Manuel Riojas has been in the industry over 55 years as both an employee and an owner during his career. Currently, Manuel owns and operates two trucking companies, one in Washington and one in Oregon. Manuel has personally trained drivers for both companies for the past 40 years. He maintains his class A CDL (commercial driver license) with passenger bus, school bus, tankers, and doubles/triples endorsements. He has been an instructor at the driving school for the past 4 years, graduating many students who have gone on to be successful in the transportation industry.

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